The True Meanings Of Dreams Revealed

Dream Interpretation Websites: 350 Dreamers

1aTo say anything this is an unusual dreamsite. It is the first to avocate making real physical changes through dreaming! It was developed by Bill McKibben one of the first environmentalists to take an active role in climate change. to take an active role in climate change Its premise is that if you get enough dreamers together dreaming about same thing you may change the world! 350 dreamwiz is a worldwide network of dreamers who train together for global healing. As their site states, “what we do is simple: on the night or group of dreams. We set an intention to dedicate our dreams to global healing. In the morning because her dreams and reflections about the dreaming process on our blog. In the process, we build community, expand our abilities to imagine environmental balance and healing, and we connect our conscious attention with our deepest level of consciousness

Bill McKibben wrote The End of Nature in 1989, which is regarded as one of the first books for general audience about climate change. Since then, it is been translated into 24 different languages and he is developed a plan wide grassroots climate change movement. The purpose of this website when his words are, “imagine we live on a planet. Not our cozy take it for granted earth, but a planet, a real one, with the dark holes then belching volcanoes any TV, corrosive, C, raked by wins, straight by storms scorch by heat. A day n inhospitable place. The different planet. It needs a new name. EAARTH”

The interesting thing about Bill’s website is his concept of dream intention. He’s one of the few people who seems to think that we can harness the power of dreaming use it in a collective fashion to make some environmental change. He starts out by saying, “dreaming with 350 dreamers is easy. Even if you don’t always remember your dreams, or you don’t know how to incubate a dream or set of dream intention. The most important step in this process is the impending. If you do nothing else. If you don’t remember your dreams, you can still intend to dream for global healing.”

Dream intention is done in the following way. Instead of saying the nightly prayers you say, “I intend to dream of for global healing tonight.” To make intention stronger you write it down and slip it into your pillow case or beneath your mattress. According to Bell, “any of these techniques will help solidify your intention in your mind.” Even suggest you begin thinking about this process. During the day, anticipating a night of dreaming in your intention to focus your dreams on global healing. He suggested he be on the lookout for a natural object during the day, such as a stone, a feather, a flower or a shell that you will place by your bed as you set your intention to dream for the earth. That night. Bill may be the only person who advocates the use of dreams is a collective force that will make some noticeable change. Like John Lennon’s pacifist prayer, “the war is over if you wanted to be.” The idea is that a collective consciousness can make a change on a global level.

This website has some interesting articles on dream incubation, improving dream recall, putting an end to nightmares, lucid dreaming, and the science of sleep and dreams. Most of the information these articles provide a very practical and down-to-earth. The reason this website is so unique is that is the only one that takes an active approach to dreaming with the premise that you can affect some change in the waking consciousness of humanity through the use of your dreams.

The main website can be found at
Bill McKibben’s personal website is
His organizations site is:

Dream Interpretation Websites Ryan Hurd’s Dream Studies Portal

1aDream Studies Portal is a website devoted to Ryan Hurd’s research, knowledge and curiosity about dreams, sleep paralysis, and particularly lucid dreaming. It’s divided into technology, research, lucid dreaming, dream work and holistic health. The quality of writing is very good and in particular, is focused on education and providing information on dreaming. The site has its own introduction which consists of a content of core essays from the last few year.

Just reading the title of these essays gives you an idea of the devotion that Ryan has towards dreaming and its exploration. What Is Wrong With Dream Dictionaries? reads like Plato’s description of the Sophists and is a very accurate chronicle of limitations of this type of dream interpretation. How to Keep a Dream Journal is a very down-to-earth description of the difficulties in starting a dream Journal, and also its rewards. Suggestions are extremely practical and useful for someone just starting out. How to Incubate a Dream is more than just practical suggestions on getting the most meaning out of your dreams. He talks about William Dumhoff’s inspirational viewpoint that we dream to make sense of the world and our experiences. This connection between the waking and dreaming life is extremely well articulated and sets the groundwork for being able to make the most of your dreams on a personal level. The term dream incubation refers to three major steps. The first he calls “set your intention.” By which he means focusing on. You want to get out of your dream. The next step is called “prepare for sleep mindfully” by which he means taking a different attitude than is common in our culture of trying to avoid sleep as much is possible. The last step is called “receiving the dream: patience and diligence” in which he is one of the few people to point out the importance of taking longer to interpret a dream than just a few hours after you wake up.

The website is actually just a platform for Ryan Hurd’s ideas and well-thought-out essays. It started out in 2007 when he felt the need to have a site providing reliable and expert information about dream science, especially lucid dreaming, nightmares and related altered states of consciousness. Since then he is built up a substantial amount of information which any dream researcher would quickly say is a gold mine.

Ryan Hurd has an MA in consciousness studies from JFK University, which is one of the only universities that offer such a degree. He started out in archaeology spending a decade excavating ruins in North America. His refreshing approach can best be summed up in his own words, “my background has taught me that both views, objective science and self inquiry are critical for a more holistic view of Western knowledge to emerge. We the earth and the sky and everything in between.” The website is

Dreams & Nightmares Website not to be confused with Meek Mill

1aThe dreams & nightmares Website ( is really comprehensive. It includes sections on dream analysis, dream symbols as well as dream sharing. There’s a section devoted to lucid dreaming and want to sleep paralysis. It’s overall premise are that they are symbols found in human unconscious. That means similar things to all of us. It is possible to analyze their dreams and learn from them. By understanding the symbols. Rather than taking a cookbook approach of breaking down dreams into specific symbols. They emphasize that each person stream is unique to them and can only be understood by that person. They say, “the purpose of this site is to help you analyze your own dreams based on those common images.”

They start out by saying it is important to understand what instigated the dream. It could be as circumstantial is eating something before going to sleep, having some sort of medical illness like the flu, both of which may cause you to have dreams that are fragmented visions caused from a stressed body trying to heal itself.

They emphasize that no matter what the different factors that may have caused the dream. It can be understood. They emphasize re-creating a storyline which can be written down and analyzed. Dreams, they say, can be very insightful into what we are dealing with in our lives. Some dreams may focus on major emotional struggles that you may be having. Or they may have a minor role in relation to other things that the dream consists of.

This website uses the concept of the higher self which is a concept. Edgar Casey developed. He called it “the witness” which watches everything we do, say, feel and think. Our higher self does not go to sleep in is always awake watching, processing, and seeing things from an objective perspective as we struggle through our lives. According to Casey our higher selves are aware and connected with the creative energy of the universe. Some people’s higher selves are better equipped to use this energy in one method of doing so is through dreams. It is because of this higher self that there is no one better than you for analyzing your own dreams. Only you can understand what you need.

With their emphasis on self-exploration they do not think the therapist can be helpful in interpreting your dreams since they are outside of what appears to be the problem. They also point out that no therapist can help you if you leave out important information about your dream.

They also draw upon the holographic model of the universe described by Debbie Ford in her recent book. She views the universe is a large mirror that when shattered. Each piece becomes a mirror in and of itself. At the same time, it remains a piece of the whole. This is used as a model to understand how we might as a small piece of shattered glass, reflect only a few things but still being part of the whole have that innate ability to reflect on something greater.

This site supports the idea of prophetic or precognitive dreams which would actually depict an event in the future. They feel the dreams can warn you of impending illness or accidents or even prepare people for an inevitable death, which may occur in the family. They described dreams as a quote gift from the universe.” We can either ignore them or we can use them to learn.

They suggest that before you go to sleep you remind yourself that you’re going to remember the dreams you will have. The more you do this, they say, the better the chances that you will remember your dreams. They insist that you write them down as soon as you In order to retain as much details as possible. They refer again to Edgar Casey, who suggested that the best time to think about your dreams was before moving out of the position you were sleeping in. Part of his theory is that your body helps you hold the dream in your mind.

They feel that Sigmund Freud’s method of free association may be very helpful in pulling meanings out of dreams. They say that you should first identify major similar character in your dream and then once you’ve found it right down what it signifies for you and what it makes you think.

They also adopt, Carl Jung’s concept of dream amplification. They suggest you write down the feelings and memories associated with a similar character in your dream. The amplification process includes any historical or cultural meeting to have in connection with. The even goes so far as to suggest having a conversation with a symbol and asking what it means. You may even want to consult a dream symbol dictionary to see what insights. It may give you.

So as not to get confused Meek Mill is an American hip-hop recording artist whose debut solo album is called dreams and nightmares which was the 15th best hip-hop album of 2012, according to spin magazine.

This website provides free dream interpretation by clinical psychologist. Fill out the form including your dream in as much detail as possible. A confidential email will be sent to you with the dream interpretation. All efforts will be made to keep your email address confidential dreams, nightmares,

Christian Interpretation of Dreams

1aCommunication with God through dreams is supported by the Old Testament. There are 121 mentions of dreams in the Bible. Joseph and Daniel are recorded as having interpreted dream sent from God, and the Bible describes many incidents of dreams as divine revelations. An example of the biblical dream is told which Jacob sees a ladder to heaven. The traditional Christian interpretation of dreaming of the latter is that it offers the opportunity to ascend to some height both escaping from captivity or confinement and increasing your awareness.

The basis of any Christian interpretation begins with a faith in God and a submission to his will. Traditionally, dreams were interpreted by the priests and rabbis in an attempt to help the dreamer to understand what this message from God means. In current Christian thinking interpretation of dreams takes on a much more personal relationship with God or Jesus Christ. Dreams are deemed either prophetic or warning in this new Christian tradition. Dreams can foretell the future in terms of immediate events for the dreamer personally. Dreams are considered warnings to the faithful of impending crises, according to the Bible.

Christian interpretation of dreams relies heavily on dream symbols which have direct and clear meetings in the biblical tradition. The first part of a Christian interpretation of a dream would be to determine what symbols are present. Next it would be important to understand how those symbols have a particular meaning in Christianity. Lastly, those meetings will be applied to the dream, answering the question of what the symbols mean to you.

Along with Christian dream symbols is the long history of iconography in the church’s history. Traditional symbols and icons have existed for many generations. Dreaming of Angels means that the dream has a particular message from God. This is because in the Christian iconography Angels are trusted messengers who faithfully carry out the will of God. In interpreting the dream in this tradition. It is always important to balance the iconographic symbolism with the way in which those symbols and icons take on a personal meaning for the dream. Even after consulting a Christian dream dictionary is important to take into account the dreamer’s initial reaction to the symbols

Within the Christian faith a dream is usually seen as prophetic media to communicate specifically between the dreamer and God. It is important to interpret the symbols in the dream in a biblical context , as well as how that dreaming is prophesies the future.

In the Christian interpretation of dreams. It is important to distinguish between dreams that warn and dreams that are prophetic. An example of the morning dream is the one that God sent Joseph in the form of an angel telling him to take his wife and child and free the holy land. Warning dreams are more direct and clear. They have an unmistakable message and not rely on symbols. Needless to say warning dreams are extremely rare compared to prophetic dreams.

Finding Meaning in Dreams William Domhoff

1aDreams most likely serve no real purpose, according to William Domhoff, world-renowned dream researcher and author of two books, Finding Meaning in Dreams and The Scientific Study of Dreams. After studying dream scientifically for over 50 years. He concludes that dreams have no adaptive function, or even evolutionary purpose. He draws on the evidence that people who do not dreams still function and sleep normally, such as children under the age of six, who typically dream very little or people who have lost the ability to dream to brain damage or the use of antidepressants.

Domhoff does point out that for about one in every thousand people undergo “impactful” dreams, which can be life-changing. And even if dreams may not have had evolutionary value. He remains fascinated by their mystery. “Dreams, in general for most people are dysphoric. They’re not contributing to well-being. They are making us wake up grouchy, they are making us apprehensive,” he says. “Of course, there are individual differences within that with the standard is striking.” After studying many thousands of dreams over the years, he does acknowledge exceptions where people say they find solace in their dreams and that their dreams are not negative.

“However, as a person who started doing research on dreams late 1950s, I was among those who thought dreams probably had an important adaptive function because of new discoveries about REM sleep and the claims by Freud and his followers who were at their high point in the 1950s” Domhoff says. After years of research. He is come to the conclusion that there is no clearly established purpose for dreams, although they do have meaning, according to Domhoff , which “has to do with coherence and with systematic relations to other variables, and in that regard. Dreams do not have meaning. Furthermore, they are very revealing of what is on our minds. We have shown that 75 to 100 dreams from a person gives us a very good psychological portrait of that individual. Give us 1000 dreams over a couple of decades, and we give you a profile of the person’s mind that is almost as individualized and accurate as his or her fingerprints.”

Dumhoff has found the dreams reflect the thoughts and concerns of the dreamers waking life. He suggests a neuro-cognitive model of dreaming in which the process of dreaming results from their neurological processes and is a system of schemas. Dream content, he suggests, results from these cognitive processes. These ideas were developed when he worked with Calvin.S. Hall on developing a cognitive process model of dreaming. This model looks for themes and patterns by analyzing thousands of dreams from participants eventually creating a quantitative coding system that divides the content of the dream into a number of different categories. Interpreting dreams would require knowing the actions of the dreamer within the dream, the objects and figures in the dream, the interactions between the dreamer and the characters in the dream and the dreams setting, transitions, and outcome. The ultimate goal of this dream interpretation is not understand the dream. However, but to understand the dreamer. In much the same way. Hermann Rorschach developed a cognitive process method of scoring the associations people had to abstract inkblots. In conclusion, Domhoff recommends that in his usual pithy way, “unless you find your dreams fund, intellectually interesting, or artistically inspiring, then feel free to forget your dreams.”

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Sleep Movement Disorders or Myoclonus

1aEver get woken up from a sound sleep because of the sudden movement your body made? In this article we’ll examine several types of sleep movement disorders and their potential treatment. These movements can be as slight as a twitch and reach intensities of kicking or jerking your limbs.

The transition from being awake to being asleep is a matter of your mind entering a light trance at first that gradually slides into the deep trance associated with the deepest level of sleep. Meanwhile, your body is also becoming more and more paralyzed and less aware of any pains or physical sensations. Sometimes this transition is not easy, and people often describe it as a sense of falling or having an urge to catch themselves. This results in a physical movement which will usually wake the person back up. It may be difficult to fall asleep afterwards. The medical term for this is sleep myoclonus. The technical definition of what is going on is an involuntary movement that may be caused by sudden tensing or some relaxation of a muscle group. At night it is called sleep myoclonus and during the day, its mildest form is expressed in a hiccup. Myoclonus is very common among sleepers, but only responsible for about 5% of insomnia related cases. If it should spread to other muscle groups or if this becomes a repeated problem it may be due to some underlying medical condition like epilepsy. I

This is a particular concern for mothers of newborn babies who are attentive to the slightest chance that anything might be wrong. Seeing the babies limbs jerk as they are falling asleep may lead to concerns of seizures. There is a spontaneous resolution of this disorder in the natural maturation of the baby sleep cycle at around 12 weeks old.

The major observable difference between the jerking of benign sleep myoclonus in an actual seizure is at the former will stop soon as the affected infant is woken up. Parents who are concerned should gently tried to wake their infant up. If the twitching stops. Then there is no need to be concerned about childhood seizures.

The next category of being woken up because you are limits are jerking or moving is called periodic limb movement of sleep or PLMS for short. Oddly enough, most people who have this disorder are not aware of it, since it tends to wake up their bed partner first. Typically, it occurs with the bending of the knee Or ankle and can be sudden and severe lasting an hour or only a few moments.

To have a definitive diagnosis person should have a sleep study or polysomnogram which involves an overnight stay at a sleep lab. PLMS , if accepted 34% of people over 60 and is commonly found in people rapidly sleep disorders like narcolepsy, restless leg syndrome, REM sleep behavior disorder. Some medications such as, certain antinausea medications, and some antidepressants may cause or exacerbate the LMS so it’s important to keep track of any changes in medication to help doctors accurately diagnose it.

The American sleep Association has appeared a very paper on Sleep Myoclonus at the following website (

Dream Interpretation on the Internet: DreamsCloud

1aThe DreamsCloud website (http”// allows you to log your dreams, create a dream Journal, share them publicly or anonymously or get other professional’s reflections on the meaning of your dreams. In addition in the categories of dreams, lucid dreams, mental health and technology. They are blogs written by Robert van de Castle as well as other authors. Their videos on dream education, featured videos and interviews of people who have contributed to our understanding and meeting of dreams.

There are links to authors who have written books or published articles on dreams. There are dream enthusiasts listed. Also, with appropriate links. Although they are not affiliated with dreams Cloud. They have a staff of experienced and professional dream reflectors to provide feedback and insight to the dream cloud community. These reflectors are psychologists, social workers, as well as many authors in the field of dream study. After you have entered dream into your account. A simple request for a reflection will give you some feedback.

Since they’re able to do statistics on the dreams that were recorded. This provides interesting information. Confused, was the most frequent word association last month and the number most dreamers associated with was a zero. White was the most popular color.

In an interview with Suzanne Bergman,LCSW and dream reflector at dreams Cloud she said, “dreams are universal language creating often elaborate images of the emotional concepts.” She goes on to say, “there is no single definitive meeting for symbols and images in dreams, but just as a smile usually means that someone is happy. These dream images are so common that they do have a general accepted meaning.”

Dreams Cloud is a place to log keep in online dream Journal, learn more about dream meanings and receive professional dream reflections. They offer a free app for iOS, android, Windows, and blackberry devices. In addition to a Facebook app

Dreams Cloud is of the belief that only the dreamers can truly know the meaning of their dream said that no other person can provide a definitive dream interpretation. Upon the user’s request, dream cloud reflectors, who are professionals, provide insightful feedback gleaned from years of study in the dream field to help the user to better understand their dreams.

We have not received any compensation for writing this post. We have no material connection to the brands, products, or services that we have mentioned.

Dream Interpretation Apps

1abbThe meaning and purpose of dreams is still open to scientific debate. Anyone who dreams however has an insatiable desire to understand the who what and why dreams. There are a number of new smartphone apps that purport to help us decode our dreams. Some of these apps use algorithms developed by cognitive scientists and psychologists to create feedback. Others use a dictionary of dream symbols to help you greater appreciate the symbols in your dreams. Dream On is one app that uses personally chosen “soundscape’s” which he claims will influence your dreams as well as the waking you gradually to increase the likelihood that you will remember them.

The idea that our dreams give us insights into feelings and internal struggles we face has been around as long as people have paid attention to their dreams. Sigmund Freud called dreams, “the royal road to the unconscious.” His book on the interpretation of dreams made it extremely clear that even people not in therapy can learn a tremendous amount about themselves and the situations that they face through interpreting their dreams. Fritz Pearls went so far as to say everyone in your dream is a different representation of yourself and show some aspect of you that you may not be aware of.

There are proponents of the use of dream dictionaries who say that a greater understanding of the meanings of those symbols will help unlock your own interpretation of your dream. Comprehensive dream dictionaries often offer several suggestions as to the interpretation of the symbol in particular dream but is still up to the dreamer to understand their feelings and how that symbol may relate to them specifically.

Dream professor is one app that keeps a log of dreams over time which enables the dreamer to see similarities one may not normally notice in dreams. Idream calls itself “the best dream dictionary and dream interpreter on the app store.” People who abuse this app say that it helps you distinguish every aspect of your dream. It’s quite accurate and can actually be scary how the meaning of various parts of the dream can be so applicable.

Dream moods is a dream dictionary that comes from the website with the same name. It has 5700 dream symbols as well as a method of saving key dream symbols. It automatically keeps a history log of all the dream symbols you looked at.

Dream meanings is another app that offers very efficient way of accessing a dream dictionary.

Although you still have to do all of the work interpreting the dream these apps help you to quickly access dream symbols and record a log of your dreams.

My website provides free dream interpretation by a clinical psychologist. The form describing the dream in as much detail as possible in a confidential email will be returned to you with its interpretation.

Foods That Effect Your Dreams

1bIt It is not just an old wives tale that warm milk may help you get to sleep. Dairy foods contain tryptophan which is a sleep promoting substance. Other foods that are high in tryptophan are nuts and seeds, bananas, honey and eggs. Having a small amount of tryptophan rich food may promote sleeping. Carbohydrate rich foods can help ensuring that they tryptophan rich foods release their tryptophan into the blood system. A perfect late-night snack to get you sleeping might include a bowl of cereal and milk, yogurt and crackers or bread and cheese.

If you struggle with insomnia a little food in your stomach may help you sleep. The important thing is not to have too much food and keep the snack small. A heavy meal will tax your digestive system make you uncomfortable and enable to get to sleep. This is particularly true of high fat foods. A special promotional offer is made to the first person to send their dream on the website’s form if they include the code words “roger that.” Eating high fat foods prior to going to sleep gives you a greater tendency to gain weight and they also disrupt the sleep cycle.

Having any stimulants before you go to sleep will disrupt your ability to dream. Even moderate caffeine ingestion causes sleep disturbances. Paying attention to the list of ingredients may help you understand that eating chocolate, having tea or even taking a buffered aspirin which may include caffeine will make it hard for you to sleep. From cut out caffeinated medication such as pain relievers, weight loss pills, diuretics and cold medicines. Carefully checking the ingredients will let you know how much hidden caffeine may be present.

Alcohol may help you fall asleep faster but in excess it can cause frequent awakening, lest restful sleep, headaches, night sweats and nightmares. The key is to drink in moderation and avoid alcohol 4 to 6 hours before bedtime.

Find out whether the full belly can make you uncomfortable since the day just to system slows down when you sleep. Can also lead to heartburn particularly if the foods you choose our spicy. It is best to finish a heavy meal four hours prior to sleep

My website ( provides free dream interpretation by a clinical psychologist. Fill out the form and include as much details about the dream as possible on the form provided. . A confidential email with an interpretation will be sent to you.

Dream Interpretation According to Gautama Budha

1bDuring the time when the actual Buddha walked the earth in India there was a king, Pasenadi of Kosala, who had 16 frightening dreams in a row. He asked his Hindu dream interpreters who all said, “these dreams portend one of three calamities: harmed your kingdom, your wealth, or your life.” The king was dissatisfied with the Hindi solution of offering ritual animal sacrifice. His Queen Mallika suggested that her husband go to the monastery of the new spiritual teacher Gautama Budha for his opinion.

The King trusting his wife went to the monastery and told the Buddha about his dreams. “For black bulls came together from the four directions with every intention to fight. A great crowd gathered to see them but they backed down and went their separate ways.” The Buddha explained, “this was a dream of the distant future when rulers are greedy, citizens corrupt, the world seems upside down, and more bad things are taking place. At that time no rain will fall, monsoons will not appear, crops will wither, and famine will spread across the land. Although great clouds may appear so that workers will repair the dams and farmers will rush to bring in the rice they had spread to dry in the sun, no rain will come. Thunder will roar and lightning will flash from the clouds. However, just as the bulls in your dream did not fight, these clouds will retreat without giving rain.

This dream interpretation is the foundation for Buddhist religion which teaches that our greed and desires in this world bring about all of our suffering and feelings of being overcome by sickness, old age, weakness and death. It is only through giving up greed and desire that these fears will go away.

“My second dream” according to King Pasenadi, “was about tiny trees and shrubs that burst through the soil. When they were only a few inches high, they flowered and gave fruit.” Gautama replied to the King, “this dream is about sexual desire which is so strong that girls too young to marry and have children are lusting to do so. Rather than having responsible parents engage in sexual activity lust and desire takes over before someone is ready to take responsibility for their sexual desires.”

The King goes on to his third dream, “I saw a herd of cows and bulls drinking milk from their offspring.” The Buddha replies that there will be a time when they’ll be far fewer young people and they will become resentful of taking care of their elders. Children will have inordinate power over their parents and may send them to nursing homes or even worse by life insurance and get rich after their death. He talked of an era in which adolescents have great power and command too much respect without having any knowledge or compassion.

“I saw a group of people yoking young calves to try to pull their wagons. When they could not do so because they were too young they were beaten.” This was the fourth of the Kings dreams. The Buddha said that in the future young people will think that they can accomplish great deeds with any practice or forethought. There will be many young people who lack experience, ability, social custom and wisdom finding themselves governing affairs of the country. As a result they make mistakes, are not adaptable and lack responsibility. They will create such a mess of things that there will be strife and calamity everywhere. No longer will people trust the wisdom of politicians to do the right things and they will be elected not because there abilities but because of their finances.

“In my next dream I saw a one headed horse with two mouths any grass with both of them but does not get fall no matter how much he eats.” The Buddha said the King had a dream about the future in which judges will extort money from both sides of those attempting to litigate. The courts request all kinds of fees without any mercy or the ethics. If they do not get what they want they will not take the complaint to adjudicate.

The King continued with his next dream. “I see rich people dressed and the utmost finery going to a pack of foxes who defecate and urinate on them.” The Buddha replied that there will be some people who call themselves Buddhists who may instead teach selfishness, desire and lust is being justified by Buddhist doctrine. They will teach people to pray for the realization of their earthly desires. This will create tremendous distrust in all religions.

On his eighth the dream the King saw a man weaving books into ropes. As the ropes fell down foxes bits and ate at them. To which Gautama replied that in the future high officials and even Kings will be very immoral. They will have difficulty ruling because of their foolishness, lack of intelligence and impolite speech. They will have difficulty keeping a secret and as result administrators and other officials will not be respected.

The King continued it has next dream in which he saw people waiting in line to fill jars with water. They filled the larger jars Tillie overflowed but left the smaller jars empty. The Buddha said it the future people of higher rank will be generously rewarded and taxes will be extremely unequal. The rich will not pay as much as the poor and there will be great distress in the land.

“I saw a very clear pond of water that was muddy and dirty in the center. Animals went to the center the pond to drink missing the cool and clean water near the ponds banks. In the future the Buddha said people will be endlessly greedy and can’t get enough of their possessions. Honest work will not be desirable because a small salary they receive would not be satisfying to their greedy minds. People would try to get as much as they could out of their jobs while they could. Their motto would be “May the best man win.” No longer will salaries be proportionate to work or knowledge. Eventually many people who want to work will not be able to leading to tremendous revolutions all over the world.

King Pasenadis described his tenth dream in which he saw rice in a pot which was in different states of cooking. One section was cooked completely in another section was totally raw. The Buddha said that in the future there will be great differences in how people think and believe. They’ll be great confusion as to how to deal with suffering old age and death because all of these different religions and beliefs.

It has next dream the King saw people trading precious sandalwood for sour milk. The Buddha explained that in the future people will pay good money in hopes of receiving religious inspiration to help them deal with their suffering. Instead there will be many preachers who will leave them with sour milk. As a result people have serious doubts about their spiritual selves.

The King’s twelfth dream truly baffled him. He saw a dry gourd sink into water rather than float. The Buddha saw that in the future knowledgeable and wise people will be bullied and harassed by people in power. Dishonesty and a lack of faith in politicians will result is a politicians continue to spend more money to convince people that they are someone other than who they really are.

“I saw a solid block of stone as big as a ship floating on water” said the King about his next dream. The Buddha said that bad people will be praised and admired in society which will be as anachronistic as stones floating on water. Those in power will boast of supernatural feats that will be too difficult for people to accept. Finally they will lose faith in people who were in power.

It his fourteenth dream the King size small toad chasing an enormous cobra. Once caught the toad devoured the snake. The Buddha said that in the future people in power will become conceited and without any conscience. They will let their desires get the best of them and do everything to gain influence and power. They will become conceited without a sense of conscience and devour everything in sight.

His next-to-last dream the King saw a crow surrounded by golden swans. They seem to accepted this dark bird and followed it. The Buddha said this dark bird represents leaders who are power-hungry and immoral. The future will be a time in which great majorities will follow such dark figures without concern for their own well-being.

In his last dream the King saw a herd of goats hunting tigers. They actually killed one and enjoyed eating it. The Buddha said that in the future Kings will be disposed when citizens want more say in how they are to be governed.

There is much folklore built up around Buddhism and it is a tremendously adaptable religion that seems to fit well in many different cultures and countries. In some respects these Buddhist interpretation of Kings dreams may be an attempt to show that such a simple religion can easily point out the flaws that occur in attempting to govern the country. The remarkable thing about these interpretations is there practical importance to the strife we all feel today.

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