The True Meanings Of Dreams Revealed

About Kevin Kappler Ph.D.

Kevin Kappler PhD.To awaken from a vivid dream means you are getting a wake-up call from your unconscious mind and there is something important to understand, feel or do that you are unaware of.

For over 30 years Kevin Kappler has been helping bring people’s dreams to life. Through his intuitive power he helps his clients understand the true meaning of their dreams.

People have been astounded by his accuracy even when given very few details most likely because he is highly intuitive, direct, and non-judgmental.

Classically trained in both psychoanalytic and Jungian dream interpretation, he has enabled people to use their dreams to gain a deeper understanding of their situation, relationships and goals in life.

Kevin has also been a practicing Tibetan Buddhist for forty years. Combined with the additional training as a Taoist spiritual guide, he adds an even deeper level of insight when helping people understand the nature of change through his use of the I-Ching and Qi-Gung.

“What I will not do is try to convince you that your dreams predict your future. What I will do is enable you to see how dreams give you a deeper meaning of your present situation. I have used my dreams to enhance my intuitive and spiritual self all of my life.”